About Us

Toohill Seed & Beef Service is a family owned business that is well ingrained into the surrounding community. Fortunately, through our sales of our naturally-raised, hormone-free Angus Cross beef, we have been able to reach far beyond the community in which we live.

Our Story

You have just found the source for "the best beef you'll ever have". Along with my parents, Dan & Rose Ann Toohill, and my daughter, Lauren, we represent the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations to live an raise livestock in Wilson Township of DeWitt County, Illinois. My grandpa's grandfather moved here in 1868 with his family and just a few heads of livestock. He purchased 120 acres just one mile from where I live today. You might say that we've been in this business a while.

Our current retail prices with our HUGE selection of cuts can be found in the "Shop" section of this website. Please visit one of our retail locations or stop by and see us at The Shop in Clinton, IL. 

Please feel free to call or email me anytime with questions. I can't wait for you to try some of our products. I'm sure you'll agree with everyone else when they say Toohill Beef is "the best beef you'll ever have".

James D. Toohill
(309) 261-3602

Our Values

  • Excellence
    • We are dedicated to our craft and proud to serve our customer the highest quality meats 
  • Integrity
    • As a family-owned business, we treat our customers the same way we would expect to be treated
  • Commitment 
    • Our farm strives to go above and beyond your anticipations 


Reviews & Testimonials

At Toohilll Seed & Beef Service, we're dedicated to our customer's satisfaction. We've built an entire business on our customer's trust in us serving the highest quality beef, chicken, and pork. See what everyone's saying about us in the testimonials below.

"Nice to eat something real. Keep up the good work!" - Cindy (IL)

"Those [Beef Sticks] are delicious!! We had the hotdogs from Toohills last night. I love them!" - Brandy (IL)

"I love the Toohill beef sticks, particularly the BBQ!" - Janice (IL)

"Yummmmm" - Brett (IL)

"It really is the best beef you'll ever have. So delicious" - Lucy (CO)